Friday, March 27, 2009

Wish List

Not that the programmers peruse this board, but if you had your druthers, what would you like to see added to the game?

What changes would you like to see?

For me, I'd like to see them fix the $214 billion bank and cash limitation.

Also, wish there was a way to communicate with members of my own family. In fact, wouldn't be bad if you could communicate with an enemy...maybe avoid a fight.

Speaking of always have lots of ways to pick a fight, but limited ways to invite someone to join your family. Would like to see a way to not just "Fight" and "Hit List" somebody, but an additional option to "Invite."

What would you like to see?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rat Report

Did someone join your Mob, then turn around and pick a fight?

Or have you brought someone into your family, only for them to put you on the Hitlist?

These rats need to be exposed!

So if you've had a bad experience and want to warn others against bringing these Judases into their camp, post their names and/or Friend codes here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Game Tips

If you have a question about the game, a strategy idea, or a suggestion on how to improve game play, this is the right place to post it.


Expand Your Mob

Here is the place to hook up with other Mobsters.

In the replies, include your "Friend Code" and maybe mention why someone should want to become a member of your "Family."


Welcome To Da Mob

Mafia R/R is dedicated to players of SGN's new iPhone game "Mafia - Respect and Retaliation."

Here you can get tips about the game, search for new "Members" to join your Mob, and discuss strategies and possible improvements to the game.

Have fun!