Monday, March 23, 2009

Expand Your Mob

Here is the place to hook up with other Mobsters.

In the replies, include your "Friend Code" and maybe mention why someone should want to become a member of your "Family."



  1. Okay, I'll start.

    Principled Don of Mesquite, NV invites members.

    Like Don Corleone, I swear I will not be the one to break the peace.

    (In other words, I won't attack members of my own Mob.)

    Add me by entering Friend Code 225691.

  2. MoMo, how many are in your fam?
    I just started and live in NC and one of my freinds in WI just loaded the program. So now we are two =)

  3. I'm up to 125.

    I learned recently that the best/fastest way to increase your family size is to visits sites like this and others, and post your Friend Code, inviting others to add you.

    If you would like THREE in your group, you are welcome to add me.


    Also, you can check out the following link. Currently, they have over 10 pages of Friend codes and people looking to join with others.

    Hope that helps!

  4. 266232

    Level 39 Boss
    ALWAYS Loyal to the family


  5. Not a lot of action here as far as listing of friends, so as a reminder to those who need more Family members...

    You can visit, which has a list of more than a thousand valid Friend Codes you can invite. (the list actually shows several thousand lines and codes, but the reality is that most are duplicates, or idiots who their Friend Code 10 times in a row to draw attention).

    I hope it's not plagiarizing, but here is a sample of some of the codes you'll find there. Feel free to invite them, as they happen to be members of my Mob, so I can "vouch" for them...

    dretti 285243
    RonRon 283871
    RTHM 283705
    Don weller 283490
    grimmsie the grimm 282557
    ice300 282357
    Kilm 280138
    mityoten 276644
    Fat Mat 274448
    Vax 273661
    Spike420 271849
    Burento 270942
    Ice eye ducky 265958
    Vid VanBuren 263366
    artem 256336

  6. Loyal to my family as well, add 209035

  7. 288177
    Level 60 Boss with 340+ members. Will be loyal

  8. I dont attack my memebrs...very loyal. only a small group of extra memebrs added. 303318...small time level 43 now... 300 memebrs are from my respect points. only have 1 extra memeber now so easy to keep track..
    screen name is hit this..formerly Loadmaster. reset a few times and started over fter getting whipped and killed many time by Dante.

  9. 254673

    Loyal to my mob members. As long as they are loyal to me.

  10. Momo,
    I added you and your recomendations of poeple to add. Also I added all of you above. I have no outside members to my mob at this time so dont worry I make a honest promise not to hit you. If I see someone on the hit list that you placed on there I will make every effort to take them out. Im loyal and I think Momo can vouch for me. My screen name used to be Sembenini, Loadmaster and now it is _______.
    I am only going to add and invite a small ammount of player in the range of 100 or so. Just so I can keep track. I dont want to run into the problem like el raton with over 1,000 members its almost impossible to keep track of who is your member or not. Unless you have a spreadsheet like momo has said on an earlier post. Momo I was kinda hesitant to add Mityoten to my list he just jumped to level 68. Hope he is loyal and keeps the peace with his members. My code is 311862

  11. Small time just started. 319958 pls add me i am loyal.

  12. Hi there who want to add me 18035
    I wanna try to dont Attack Member

  13. Hi all ..
    I ve been searching for a place like that long time since i downloaded the Mafia R&R game on my iPhone
    i feel now it's like a new vertual space we can talk and share ...
    D u feel the same too ??
    ..... Thanks again ...

  14. Hey momo, This is Sembenini or _______. Imnow Zeus 2 and making my way to 120. Please add me as you know im loyal and will keep the peace with my own mob members. My code is 321097

  15. This is Zues 3 I am loyal to all members who join my mob. Only a small group of trustworthy members are accepted. If you hit me and your in my mob I will delete you out. 325164

  16. My code: 33570

    Level 120 !

    Please add me

  17. Hi I start a new Game as SMOOTH CRIMINAL.
    When you like to add me ;)

  18. Dentista de MuerteMay 26, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    Hey Momo....

    Sweet website!!!

    Cease Fire??

    Dentista de Muerte

  19. TITAN and ATHENAMay 31, 2009 at 10:25 PM

    This is TITAN. I have now taken my wifes's iphone and loaded mafia rr. Her screen name is ATHENA. She is right around 600 members and with TITAN together I am going to make a strong effort to take out DANTE while he is online. As we know he shows up only on occasion so hes hard to predict. But I will let him take me off guard and take the kill from him. If im home and have the second phone. Im sure I can do around 500+hp damage to him. I hope that it is enough, but anyway worth a try. My TITAN code for those who dont have it is 331277 and my ATHENA code is 339199. This is only for a short time as my wife is pissed Im using her phone. Im sure you guys As a last note.. if you get hit by DANTE please put him on the hitlist as soon as you can that will give me a better chance to catch him off guard. Thanks

  20. Hi!

    my code is 344173.
    I'll accept everyone in my big family ;)