Friday, March 27, 2009

Wish List

Not that the programmers peruse this board, but if you had your druthers, what would you like to see added to the game?

What changes would you like to see?

For me, I'd like to see them fix the $214 billion bank and cash limitation.

Also, wish there was a way to communicate with members of my own family. In fact, wouldn't be bad if you could communicate with an enemy...maybe avoid a fight.

Speaking of always have lots of ways to pick a fight, but limited ways to invite someone to join your family. Would like to see a way to not just "Fight" and "Hit List" somebody, but an additional option to "Invite."

What would you like to see?


  1. More suggestions...

    Sort Mob alphabetically, or in the order they are added.

    Have the system count the number of family members. (Just add it to the "Associates" count).

    Have way to key in name of person you want to fight with, so vendettas can properly be executed (instead of waiting for them to show up on fight list).

  2. I'd like to see the system work where anyone on your mob list would never show up on your hit or fight lists. Then you wouldn't even have to worry about trying to check your mob list(which I've already explained shuts the game down past a few hundred people). Heck, I often show up on my own hit list(can't imagine why anyone would put ME on a hit list--hehe). El Raton

  3. El Raton was right in another post, and it's getting a little frustrating...okay, a LOT frustrating.

    Once you have a few hundred members in your Mob, by the time you scroll halfway down, the game crashes and closes. Sometimes takes three or four attempts to update my list of new members who have joined overnight.

    Hate to say it...getting a little discouraged with the game.

  4. Several of my friends and I are growing very frustrated with this game. There are several issues that need to be addressed but the most pressing issue is that every time one of us get to level 60 and around 12600 Experience Points the game resets to 10843 Experience points. Twice I have reset the game and started over from scratch, only to reach that level 60 and experience point level and have it happen again. I have even gone as far as to delete the game from my I Phone and then reinstall it only to have the exact same thing happen again.

    Please tell me why this is happening? Is there another version to down load? Or should my friends and I just delete the application and utilize a competitors version? We have way too much time invested in this game to give up on it yet. Hence this email to you. We are hoping that there is a patch or some update we can down load that will fix this glitch. Please advise me what to do?

    Also there is additional issues with the Bank and money accumulation feature of this game. Is there anyway that the amount you are saving can be or amassing not be capped at the $2,147,483,647.00 amount? Also is there any plans to add additional properties or cars, guns, etc. that you can purchase? Perhaps Planes, Lear Jets. Boats, Yahts, private Islands, etc, etc…..J

    Also my game now will not recognize my location. When you press the location or contacts buttons it goes dark and then says.

    An error has occurred
    Unable to locate your city.

    Isn't that special!!

    They need to fix this crap. It is very frustrating, but I still play so add me


  5. Does anyone believe that the programmers even care about this feedback? The game is fun to play, but there are glaring holes in the programming. At the very least, they should do something about the cheating. Level 68? That is obviously only possible with cheating. And if you had any doubt that Dante is messing with the numbers- he has more bounty kills (4947), then total kills (3197), which should be impossible! If they can come up with the IRS, they can and should take away money and exp points from anyone who cheats like this.

  6. The new update has some great additions. If nothing else, it made things more fun and created a sort of rebirth for us "old timers" who had maxed out at 60 and had bought all the casinos we could stand.

    What do you like about the new upgrade? What do you dislike?


  7. Hey sorry i dont kno where to post.... question :
    earn respect, news feed, hitlist mob or fight for each of them i get the f#%% unexpected error or you can't connect the server !!! Whats the matter... I have the 1$ version of the game please helppp !!