Monday, March 23, 2009

Game Tips

If you have a question about the game, a strategy idea, or a suggestion on how to improve game play, this is the right place to post it.



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    Not all "Properties" are created equal.

    The best "Return on Investment" in the Properties section of Mafia RR is the Barber Shop. It provides a 10% return on investment. (You pay $25,000 for a Barber Shop, it pays $2,500 every pay period.)

    The Hotel provides the worst return on investment, only 2% (You pay $250,000, only get $5,000 on payday).

    Even the Casino provides a mediocre return at 3.5% (You pay $10 million, only get $350,000 on payday).

    So especially in the beginning, bulk up on Barber Shops.

    Unfortunately, since you can only buy them 10 at a time, the investment of time to purchase enough Barber Shops to make it worth your while becomes untenable after you've reached the $1 billion mark. (It takes so long to buy enough Barber Shops at $25,000 each, times 10, that it's not worth it.)


    For those with lots of cash, you may already know this.

    For those still on your way up, beware.

    The Bank has a limit of $2,147,483,647.

    If you try to deposit more once you've reached that limit, it won't tell you that it has maxxed out, it just makes the money you deposited disappear.

    I didn't realize this until I tried to deposit another billion into the bank, so there is about a billion Mafia RR dollars floating around somewhere in Cyber Space.


    Here's a tip you may not know about...

    If you are doing well in Mafia RR, the IRS may come in and seize your assets.

    This happened to me last week...IRS took 2 billion from bank, seized all but 10 of my Casinos, (I was up over 300), took all my Barber Shops (I had over 3,000), and took all my cash except 1 million (I had over 2 billion).

    Be aware that this can happen. It was incredibly discouraging. However, I had most of it back in less than a weekend, since now I know what to do to generate a lot of cash in a hurry.


    Just like the Bank Limit, the game limits your Money to a maximum of $2,147,483,647.

    If you've reached that limit, spend it down. Otherwise, when you gain money from a job or fight, it won't be added to your total, and you'll have wasted that job or fight.

    Hopefully the game developers will fix this and open the limit. Or come up with some new, creative ways to spend our money!

  6. how do I increase damage when fighting? No matter how many weapons I have, and cars... when I fight other members, I only cause 5 points to damage... Why is that? What can I do...

  7. how do i find out how many members i have? i have a few people in my "my mob," but when i saw my name on the "invite-location" screen, it showed 1 member.

  8. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way for the system to tell me how many members I have. If you "Buy" members through The Don, those "Associates" will show up as a count on your "My Mob" section, but it doesn't add up the names of real people you've added.

    As I mentioned in another post elsewhere, I ended up setting up a spreadsheet and putting the names in there. The spreadsheet keeps count for me.

    As for increasing damage, I'd like an answer for that one myself. I've got about 145 family members, and exacty 150 of everything (150 of every weapon, 150 of every type car, 150 bullet proof vests...I'm so far over on my cash, I've spent a lot of money on "things" I don't really need, in anticipation of another "seizure". The last time the IRS hit, they took almost all my money, most of my properties, but took none of my weapons or cars, so I'm counting on selling some of them if I get hit with another IRS pop.) So it doesn't have anything to do with weapons.

    I suspect it has something to do with your "Attack" and "Defense" numbers in your profile. (When you move up a level, you get three "Skill Points" to divvy up.) I've put most of my Skill Points toward Endurance, so I could do more "jobs" in the beginning. Now I wish I had put more points toward Attack and Defense, since I seem to give up a LOT of points whenever I'm in a fight, even when I win.

    Anybody else have any clues about this?

  9. "I wish I had put more points toward Attack and Defense" this really has no effect... I have used my points towards both of them, and nothing happens, nor does anything chance... Still, it is 5 points of damage...

  10. many Attack and Defense points do you have? Might help us figure out where the threshold lies.

    I currently have 35 Attack points and 28 Defense points.

    Also, I believe (although I have no evidence) that the ratio of your Attack points vs. the number of Defense points your opponent has will have a bearing on how much damage you inflict. But so far, I haven't been able to work out what that ratio is.


    In addition to helping bring your Attack Potential to 100%, Training at the indoor shooting range also helps with something else...Experience Points.

    At the range, you get 15 shots.

    If you get under 100 points with those 15 shots, it earns you 1 Experience Point.

    If you get more 100 or more points, you earn 2 Experience Points.

    Remember, Experience Points are also earned from doing Jobs and winning Fights. When you reach the "maximum" number of Experience points for a particular Level, it elevates you to the next level, all the way up to the top, Level 60.

    While earning one or two Experience Points at a time through Training is a slow way to go, I have used Training to get me the last 10-15 points I needed to Go Up a Level during those times when I'm out of Power (to do Jobs), and there's nobody in my "weight class" (number of members an opponent has) in the Fight List.

  12. MoMo,

    Thanks for the reply, you are right... I was not aware that not having enough Attack/Defense points would limit me from being able to complete a bounty or a kill on a person. Now I feel guilty about it, haha... before I never killed anyone.


    In a scenario where you can't communicate directly with Family members, can't exchange weapons and money, and can't really do anything to establish "bonds" with your members, it can be tough to show any kind of connection with those who chose to join you.

    But there are a few things you can do.

    RULE NUMBER 1 - NEVER attack someone who has joined your family. Sometimes this can happen accidentally, especially when you get more than a couple of hundred Family members. But try. Sadly, there's no way to apologize or make amends if you attack a member of your own family, so that bad blood will probably fester until someone can get some payback on you.

    HELP WITH HITS - If you see a family member has put out a contract on somebody in the HitList, lend a hand. Attack the person your Family member has added to the HitList (if you have the member strength to pull it off). Even if you don't see it all the way through with a Kill, you can at least beat up and soften up the target for the next guy.

    AVENGE FAMILY MEMBERS ON HIT LIST - If you see a Family member on the HitList, obviously you don't want to attack them. But make a note of who added them to the HitList. If somewhere down the road you get a chance to whack the guy who put out the contract on your Family member, apply a little Retaliation by picking a Fight with the person responsible for causing your Family member pain.

    Unfortunately, in most cases your Family member will never know that you stood up for them, but it will give you a warm and fuzzy all the same.

    Remember...In La Costa Nostra, LOYALTY to the Family is the number one thing.


    Okay, it took me more than a week, but I've finally made it. I'm at Level 60 (Boss).

    Now I'm wondering...first, what do I do with myself now that I've hit that goal? I have no illusions about even trying to reach the 44,652 Experience points that demarcate the next plateau. So, other than doling out some retribution whenever somebody Attacks me or puts me on the Hit List, what's the motivation to keep going? I've LONG since maxed out my money and bank limits, which eliminated my drive to buy more casinos or barber shops. (I currently own 7,500 of each).

    I can keep adding members to my family, but to what end?

    Also, now that there are no more Levels, how do I earn more Skill points? I currently have 42 Attack points and 32 Defense points, which means I get my ass kicked in nearly every fight, even though I always "Win" (which is a bizarre concept...In my Fights, I've usually got more Family members, more weapons, etc., I actually "win" the fight, but I lose like 140 Damage points while inflicting only 5.)

    If I can't get any more Skill points, I think I'm at the end of the road as far as getting more Attack points, which means I have a future of nothing but more ass-whippings.

    Any ideas?

  15. Hey MoMo,

    I know a while ago you were saying you weren't sure if there was a way to get past level 60... and now I just found out that there actually is. There is a guy in my mob who is actually level 68!!! It's player "Dante" out of Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées (France).

  16. Good call, Janos.

    I saw him recently, too. Level 68. Overwhelmed me with about 300 attack points.

    Wonder how you get to THAT level!

  17. haha, yeah... 300 attack points? damn... that is a lot. I am sure the only way to get to that level is to live inside the game, haha...

  18. I know how it is possible to get to level 68+ it's quite easy, but not worth paying for... haha... I've figured out the math.

  19. Yeah can't believe someone just popped up level 68. I've been trying all variations to get beyond 60 but can't.

  20. Has anyone else levelled up really fast towards 60? I don't remember my El Raton player doing it but the Omega character started zooming at level 49. As in, I've gone up almost to 60 so far today(I went from level 57 to level 58 in one fight). I'm wondering if it's everyone or if I lucked into some type of glitch. Any ideas? El Raton/Omega

  21. Omega is at level 120 now? How come so many people are over level 60? What's the trick?

  22. So I'm not the onlyone trying to beat level 60...... And El Raton/omega, I think I have you in my mob.... I'm Snakes. Anyway, If anyone figures it out, tell me

    PS:not spending any money on it. I'm maxed out with cash, have about 2000 casinos, so kinda bored until I level up.

    190411 add me!

  23. be sure you have the latest update from the app store. There are some good changes and some that I question. Shortly after getting it is when I exploded from 50ish to level 120. However, level 121 seems light years away.

    jdog -- # 254673

  24. What I wanna know is why everyone I fight is suffering in the hospital? I can't even level up past 60 because there's no one to fight except mobs that are level 120 which would be suicide & pointless.

    Mudtera #166391

  25. I'm having the same problem with everyone on my "Fight" list is in the hospital.

    However, don't be afraid of level 120 players. So long as you have more members, you can take them!


  26. The trick of going way past lvl 60 is find the same lvl and fight them untill you have the kill. Keep going to news feed and fight the same mobs you have already beat. It's easy I'm lvl 103 ATM.

  27. Another trick to help you level up...

    Go into "Names of Names" and rough up the folks you find in there. They're usually lower level mopes, weak member counts, but they still add experience points.

  28. Thanks for the tips MoMo, I was stuck at lvl 60 for 2 weeks and lost interest. I should get passed 60 today. I find you are already in my Mob list. Thanks again partner!

  29. HI everyone. I'm level 120. There are no more levels. So how do I earn respect points? Anyone know?

    email me if you can help

  30. is there anything beyond level 120?